Podcast 163: Study with Coast Guard Air Crews on Fatigue, Rest & Recovery

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On this week’s episode, we take a look at how U.S. Coast Guard aviators do their job, rescue people in need, and how WHOOP is helping to keep our military safe.

Robert Moeller, a long-time Navy SEAL and our Associate Vice President of Government, sits down with Coast Guard Commander Scott Austin for a discussion on leadership, performance, and how data can be used to help our servicemen and women. Commander Austin is a helicopter pilot based in Port Angeles, Washington. He has spent 18 years in the Coast Guard in a variety of different roles, including search and rescue, counter-terrorism, and narcotics interdiction.

Commander Austin recently completed a study of Coast Guard members that evaluated how crew member perceptions of fatigue and alertness compared with WHOOP data on sleep and recovery. He discusses why the sleep deprivation culture is one of our greatest threats to the safety of military personnel, the stressors and fatigue Coast Guard aviators experience on a daily basis, plus what some of their search and rescue missions are like and how the Coast Guard plays a role in our nation’s defense.

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