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Investing to Help Organizations Thrive 

We often hear, “WHOOP is just for athletes, right?” The answer in part depends on your definition of an athlete. I define an athlete not as an individual who plays sports, but rather as someone who needs to operate with high levels of agility, focus, and cognitive function to achieve their goals. All athletes need to perform. But the definition of performance is relative. 

In healthcare, performance may be saving the life of a patient experiencing acute trauma or identifying a breakthrough treatment to a chronic, debilitating disease. In public service, it may be supporting military operations or fighting fires raging across the Western United States. In business, it’s showing up to work as a teammate who contributes new ideas and creates value for customers. Or it could be safely transporting goods or people across the country with appropriate rest and recovery. In sports – yes, we serve those athletes too – it’s being the best player, teammate, and student you can be on and off the field.

We built WHOOP Unite to serve these different types of “athletes” in a variety of fields including healthcare, public service, business, athletics, and more. I could not be more excited about what our recent product innovation and investment holds for the future of these organizations and the people they serve.

WHOOP Unite: A comprehensive health and performance solution for organizations

WHOOP Unite is a solution that improves health and performance for organizations at scale. Organizations use WHOOP Unite to equip individuals - employees, patients, soldiers, first responders, student-athletes, and more - with the WHOOP 4.0, a personalized digital health coach that tracks key metrics and user-reported behaviors to provide actionable recommendations to improve health and performance. 

Organizations leverage analytics and insights reporting to see trends and cultivate the programs, policies, and incentives to improve overall health and performance with objective data. It’s built with security at the forefront, giving individuals control over their own data and what gets shared. 

Trust, coaching, and education are critical to the foundation of a health and resilience program, which is why WHOOP Unite provides every customer with a dedicated customer success partner. This resource serves as an extension of the team to deliver a holistic program that drives a cultural shift through onboarding assistance, training, and ongoing education aligned to the program’s specific goals.

The results? Happier, healthier, and more engaged people across diverse audiences and professions. Fewer sick days and injuries. And lower recruiting costs, healthcare costs, and turnover. 

Here’s my quick take on the biggest unlocks for teams and organizations using WHOOP Unite across a variety of industries.

Empowering a richer health dialogue to improve outcomes

WHOOP 4.0’s Health Monitor and downloadable Health Report are a force for good–providing a tool for individuals to better understand their physiological baseline and easily identify and investigate deviations from that baseline. This functionality, along with the ability to easily export 30 and 180-day summaries, enables individuals to play a more proactive role in managing their wellness and gives providers the opportunity to see longer-term trends and data. In turn, this can lead to more informed conversations.

With the addition of skin temperature and blood oxygen monitoring in WHOOP 4.0 sensors, our users can gain additional insights into their overall health and daily well-being. These features have benefits in a variety of settings. For example, they may be useful for military and sports teams who are seeking a deeper knowledge of who is primed to take on a rigorous mission or face grueling competition.

Enabling versatility and removing distractions

WHOOP Body with Any-Wear Technology allows our customers to focus where it counts–on the game, the procedure, the mission. This is paramount to military teams who must minimize distractions while still allowing for 24/7 wearability and data collection, thus requiring hidden, durable sensors. Several sports also prohibit the use of wearables on the wrist, or they may interfere with the game. WHOOP Body gives all of our customers diverse options for continuing to train and perform without compromising data quality or comfort.

Improving rest and recovery to show up at your best

It’s no secret that sleep is the foundation of mental and physical performance. In fact, our collaboration with McKinsey’s Executive Leadership Program demonstrated that every 45 minutes of sleep debt a person accrued led to a 5-10% decrease in mental control the next day. Additionally, findings from our COVID Resilience Project showed that getting less sleep and lower sleep consistency prior to the pandemic made it more likely for individuals to report anxiety or depression, substance use, and burnout.

The ability to use haptic alerts with WHOOP 4.0 provides our customers’ end users with a greater arsenal of tools and recommendations to get a better night’s sleep and show up ready to take on the day with reduced risk of injury, illness, or even sadness and negativity.

Fueling our expansion across markets and industries

I am humbled by the vote of confidence from our customers and investors that has allowed us to raise $400 million in capital to date, which has brought our company’s valuation to $3.6 billion, making us the most valuable standalone human performance company in the world. Our continued investment in the B2B business and our WHOOP Unite solution will help us reach and serve customers in public service, healthcare, business, and athletics & education, in the US and beyond.

We are already privileged to work with customers ranging from healthcare providers to construction firms, from startups to sports teams, from first responders on the battlefield to first responders in the ER. They are all athletes, and they all deserve a higher level of health and performance.

Every day, we are motivated by delivering on the promise of WHOOP Unite: helping organizations support the people they serve and continuing to pave the way for healthier, more resilient cultures and people. In short, the best is yet to come for our business and we’re glad you’re along for the ride.

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