Power Cultural Change

Prioritize health and well-being. Create a culture that provides your people with what they need to show up at their best every day.

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Create a Community of Care

Imagine knowing how resilient and ready your people are. WHOOP Unite™ lets you see the big picture and identify areas for improvement to help shape policies accordingly. It’s a solution with the tools you need to shape, run, and assess the impact of new programs by measuring aggregate sleep, strain, and recovery to encourage healthy behavior.

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Personalize Coaching

No two people and no two days are the same. WHOOP Unite gives individuals the tools they need to benchmark against past performance and to improve future results. Our software tracks and demonstrates the impact of 70+ behaviors, from nutrition to mental health, in a journal made available to users through the app. 

Drive Long-term Success

Amplify your impact with a WHOOP Unite expert. A dedicated Customer Success Manager partners with you to develop, launch, and track the success of your health and resilience program. Your Customer Success Manager works with you to ensure that your program is aligned to defined organizational goals, continuously driving value by helping you achieve desired performance outcomes.

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Raise the Bar for Trust and Reliability

WHOOP Unite is a solution you and your people can trust. Individuals control whether or not their information is shared and must provide consent to share it. There is no GPS sensor, and Bluetooth is only used to transmit data from the device to the core application. End users can be fully de-identified. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

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Integrate with Your Existing Systems with our API

WHOOP Unite is designed to work with any software or existing protocols you may already have in place. All relevant data can be integrated into your organization’s existing ecosystem, whether with a third-party app or proprietary system. WHOOP Unite gives you the ability to measure, understand, and strengthen your organization’s performance within the platform you already use. Read about our API.

Proven Results

Powering meaningful health outcomes.

fewer days of alcohol consumption
fewer days of caffeine consumption
increase in days exercised
increase in days properly hydrated

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