WHOOP Gateway

WHOOP Gateway is a solution to manage WHOOP devices without using a cell phone.

Capture Continuous Health Data in Any Setting

WHOOP Gateway is a solution that combines the WHOOP hardware and software to securely collect 24/7 biometric data from patients in settings where cell phones may not be available. Used with WHOOP Unite, healthcare organizations can monitor and help to improve the health, engagement, and outcomes of the populations they serve.

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The WHOOP Gateway Difference

WHOOP Gateway is a novel solution to securely process biometric data from wearables without requiring a cell phone. Insights are presented in WHOOP Unite, a purpose-built solution for healthcare organizations to deliver insights on patient sleep, stress, and recovery. WHOOP Gateway and WHOOP UniteTM can scale to manage a variety of facilities.

Greg Hobelmann, M.D., M.P.H.
Co-CEO and President, Ashley Addiction Treatment

“WHOOP Unite enables us to achieve our goals of providing compassionate and personalized care, giving staff a holistic view of patients’ biometric data impacting their treatment. The WHOOP Gateway is the critical link to collecting a large dataset as our patients do not have access to mobile phones during treatment. ”

Deliver Better Patient Outcomes

Motivating patients to become actively involved in their care journeys is a persistent challenge.

Giving patients tools and guidance to help them understand and take action to improve their well-being is key to increasing engagement and improving outcomes. WHOOP Gateway unlocks tailored insights and a shared understanding to help improve health for a broader spectrum of clinicians and patients.

Organizations such as Ashley Addiction Treatment and researchers from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine are using WHOOP Gateway to conduct research on addiction treatment to identify new treatment protocols that reduce stress triggers for relapse and lead to better outcomes for its patients.

Organizations use WHOOP Gateway to drive better outcomes for their patients.

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The Benefits of WHOOP Gateway

  • Enables the use of WHOOP wearables without requiring a cell phone
  • Creates a network of connectivity for roaming throughout a facility or campus
  • Deploys easily and managed via WHOOP Unite
  • Works indoors and outdoors
  • Provides end-to-end security
  • Includes dedicated customer support

      Keep Patient Data Secure

      The security and privacy of patient data are paramount. WHOOP Gateway supports Bluetooth 4.2 security standards, includes an integrated TPM chip for end-to-end security, and encrypts data in transit and at rest.

      To keep data private, WHOOP Unite de-identifies data in dashboards and for analysis, removing personal information such as name and date of birth. Data can be re-identified for individual treatment by a clinician.

      Jami Mayo Research at Ashley
      Jami Mayo
      Lead Research Associate, Ashley Addiction Treatment

      “WHOOP Gateway enables us to passively collect data from larger populations of patients without the patient having to take any action. WHOOP Gateway enhances the ability to work with nearly any patient in nearly any field of medicine. ”

      Resources and Education

      Whoop Wearable on a wrist
      Study Findings Examining WHOOP Against Five Other Wearable Devices
      Researchers at Central Queensland University released a study that measures certain metrics across six commonly used wearable devices. WHOOP 3.0 ranked #1 in accuracy for heart rate and HRV.
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      The Solution
      WHOOP Unite is a connected system that helps elevate health and performance by providing the metrics and feedback you need to support the people you serve.
      Gold Standard Validation
      Researchers at the University of Arizona determined that WHOOP technology is accurate compared to the gold standard in sleep tracking, polysomnography (PSG).
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