How it Works

WHOOP Unite™ builds health and resilience for organizations with actionable insights on core measures of sleep, stress, and recovery, tailored to your organization's unique needs and goals.

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Individualized Coaching

WHOOP Unite starts with a 24/7 wearable, the WHOOP 4.0, that delivers real-time sleep, recovery, and training insights and coaching, tailored to every person. The results: 91% of WHOOP members build healthier habits. Personal information is always private and encrypted, with the option to share with WHOOP Unite.

Easy Administration

Administrative controls allow you to group by team, segment, or cohort for customized analysis and insights. Assign group managers with specific access and reporting privileges. Onboard and offboard users in just a few clicks.

You Won’t Be Alone

WHOOP Unite is a holistic health and wellness solution, scalable and customizable to your organization’s needs. You’ll be working with a dedicated Customer Success Manager to develop and launch programming to improve health, wellness, and resilience throughout your organization and establish new benchmarks for the populations you serve.

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WHOOP Unite delivers aggregated organizational insights. Use tailored reports and recommendations to adjust existing programming and develop new initiatives.

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Measure your organization’s success against goals set with your Customer Success Manager to continue to nurture a culture of health and resilience. Take advantage of group challenges and WHOOP community features built to motivate and support your people.


Education and Inspiration

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