How it Works

WHOOP Unite™ collects data on core measures of sleep, stress, and recovery. Leverage those insights to build a smarter, stronger team.

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Individualized Coaching

The foundation of WHOOP Unite is a 24/7 wearable that delivers real-time sleep and recovery data and insights, tailored to each individual. The results: 91% of WHOOP members build healthier habits. Personal information is always private and encrypted. 

Easy Administration

Administrative controls allow you to group by team, segment, or cohort for customized analysis and insights. Assign group managers specific access to adjust privacy access at the individual, group, or account level.

Partner with Us

WHOOP Unite is a scalable analytics and coaching solution. Our best-in-class customer success program includes tailored programming based on your organization’s goals and a Customer Success Manager who will offer dedicated customer support.

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Make Data-Driven Decisions

WHOOP Unite delivers aggregated organizational insights. Use tailored reports and recommendations to adjust existing programming and implement changes within your organization.

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Optimize Based on Insights

Measure your organization’s success against goals set with your Customer Success Manager to continue to nurture a high-performance culture. Take advantage of group challenges and WHOOP community features built to motivate and support your people. 


Education and Inspiration

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Our Story
WHOOP Unite unlocks human performance at an organizational level. The solution provides an unprecedented combination of health monitoring, data insights, and customized coaching to help anyone realize their fullest potential.
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Deliver Optimal Student-Athlete Performance
Learn how coaches, staff, and administrators can set student-athletes up for success in all aspects of their lives.
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Elevate Performance for All Teams and People
Build a safe professional culture wired for resilience, retention, and success with WHOOP Unite.
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Support Front-Line Readiness and Resilience
Maximize preparedness for those on the front lines by enabling better sleep, healthier habits, and improved stress management with WHOOP Unite.

Ready to optimize team performance with biometric data?

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