Elevate Patient Engagement

Get patients more involved in their care. Keep clinicians at their best. Drive better outcomes with technology that improves sleep and optimizes recovery.

Whoop for Healthcare Professionals

Impact the Entire Healthcare Ecosystem

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Accelerate academic, medical, and clinical research with comprehensive, continuous data collection that meets the gold standard of measurement.
Clinician and patient
Improve effectiveness on the front line by strengthening resilience among clinicians and support staff.
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Give patients the information they need to feel empowered and make incremental adjustments to improve their own health.
Clinical reports
Drive efficiency and reduce costs by improving staff preparedness and elevating patient engagement.

Improve Clinician Resilience

Data-driven insights and coaching give clinicians the tools necessary to be at their best at all times both physically and mentally.

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Benefits to Healthcare

Reduce Burnout
WHOOP Unite™ provides powerful insights and recommendations along with an engaging resilience program to help reduce clinician burnout.
Increase Engagement
Patients initiate more meaningful conversations with their clinicians to better meet treatment goals.
Power Cutting-Edge Research
The solution’s continuous data collection takes hundreds of biometric readings per second and never down-samples.
Inspire Peer-to-Peer Support
WHOOP Unite helps enhance a culture of support among frontline clinicians.

WHOOP Unite Capabilities

WHOOP Unite provides actionable insights for administrators with a view of aggregate organizational health and well-being drawn from underlying biometric data.

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The Gold Standard for Research and Accuracy

WHOOP Unite is custom-built for research and will complement any study protocols you may have in place. The concealed mode setting allows researchers greater flexibility in conducting experiments.

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Continuous Data Collection

Always-on longitudinal data collection marries reported and biometric data, enabling more complete feedback on acute and chronic conditions.

What healthcare leaders are saying about WHOOP Unite.

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Dr. Jamie Coleman
Trauma Surgeon, Denver Health

“The best preparation for us in the hospital is what we’re doing outside of the hospital … and WHOOP gives us a whole new insight into that.”
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Tony Mears
Associate Director of Innovation, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“There’s a global health workforce crisis, and within that there’s a well-being crisis - we’ve partnered with WHOOP to see if their globally leading offer can be used to empower staff to improve their health and well-being. It can.”
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Dr. Sairam Parthasarathy
Professor of Medicine and Director of the Center for Sleep and Circadian Sciences, University of Arizona

“The accuracy of WHOOP as a wearable and its availability compared to the limited accessibility of polysomnography may in the future facilitate better population-health management.”
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Dr. Shon Rowan
OB-GYN and Assistant Professor, West Virginia University

“HRV during pregnancy had been looked at a few times in other ways … But we saw things that we were unable to see before because of the ability to continually monitor with WHOOP.”
Photograph of quoted person
Adam Buckholz
Clinical Fellow, Cornell Weill Medical Center

“WHOOP had been evaluated in automatic detection mode for four stage sleep in a way that mattered to the scientific community.”

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Education and Inspiration

Tested and Proven
University of Arizona study confirms ability and accuracy of WHOOP.
Datavant logo
Teaming up with Datavant
WHOOP Unite partners to improve integration of real-world evidence across the healthcare industry.
Doctor with IV
WHOOP in Action
A doctor’s heart rate spikes while saving a life and combating stress in the ICU.
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Wearable Tech Research
Implementation of continuous data collection for researchers enables seamless compliance and drives results in groundbreaking studies.

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