Build Readiness and Resilience

Maximize preparedness for those on the front lines and in leadership by enabling better sleep and healthier habits and improving stress management with WHOOP Unite™.

Serving Those Who Serve

Soldier obstacle course
Give service members and commanders insights into their physiological data to improve readiness and decision-making.
Whoop Wearable for First Responders
First Responders and Law Enforcement
Maximize resilience for mission success so everyone makes it home.
Forestry worker looking over cliff
Federal Agencies
Keep teams at their best to improve overall performance.

Cold-weather Research

U.S. Army study shows how sleep consistency improves soldier resilience and reduces stress during cold-weather training.

Parachuters falling from sky in Alaska

Benefits to Government and Defense Professionals

Reduce Attrition
Encourage healthy lifestyle habits to improve fitness and sleep and reduce the likelihood of career-ending injuries.
Build Community
Improve morale and connectedness with teammates through shared goals and competitions.
Improve Health
Empower your people to improve physical and mental health with accurate insights into sleep, strain, daily habits, and recovery.
Maintain Operational Security
Operate in secure environments without relying on GPS or Wi-Fi and with fully anonymized user data.

WHOOP Unite Capabilities

WHOOP Unite provides actionable insights for administrators with a view of aggregate organizational health and well-being drawn from underlying biometric data.

Readiness Insights

The WHOOP Unite solution aggregates physiological reporting to help leadership better understand overall preparedness.

Whoop wearable waterproof

Data is Safe and Secure

User data is encrypted in flight, cannot be exploited in real time, and can be fully anonymized.

Two soldiers thoroughly study a document

Easy to Adopt

The design of the WHOOP 4.0 wearable is ideal for use in tactical environments, with an IP68-rated band and wireless battery pack that supports on-the-wrist charging for 24/7 use and can be worn in multiple areas on the body.

What leaders are saying about WHOOP Unite.

Major Allison Brager
PhD, U.S. Army

“I love the approach that the whole WHOOP team is taking with big data and tapping into some of the hardest-to-reach demographics.”
Phil Ranck
Chief Warrant Officer, Army Alaska

“WHOOP is helping us see things in a different light and understand risk mitigation.”
Scott Austin
Commander, U.S. Coast Guard

“We got a snapshot of the fact that even though we have a rest requirement policy in place, we weren’t sleeping as much as we should. We could really stand to do this on a much larger scale and determine how well the policy is working.”

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Education and Inspiration

Ready to drive greater resilience?

Learn how WHOOP Unite can strengthen readiness and mental health for those serving in every capacity in government and defense.

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