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Healthcare workers are reporting heightened levels of anxiety, at a rate of 86%. Improve readiness and resilience on your front line by encouraging healthier behavior across your physician and nursing teams with WHOOP Unite™.

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Reducing Physician and Nursing Burnout

While it’s true that clinicians are typically more resilient to burnout than the general workforce, their burnout rates are still alarmingly high among even the most experienced healthcare workers. A study published by Mayo Clinic found that 62.8% of clinicians had at least one manifestation of burnout in 2021, compared with only 38.2% in 2020. 

Even more alarming, among physicians:

Say they are experiencing stress
Reported heightened anxiety
Reported frustration
Reported exhaustion and burnout

“Healthcare workers are wounded; they’re bruised. We’ve got quite a crisis brewing.” 

— Dr. James Jackson, Director of Long-Term Outcomes at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Between heavy workloads, long shifts, and a relentlessly fast-paced environment, healthcare clinicians are grappling with a lot. Throw a global pandemic into the mix, and you have the perfect recipe for extreme clinician burnout. Internally within healthcare organizations, nurses and physicians are also facing workplace bullying and a perceived lack of job security. On the whole, healthcare professionals need and deserve more support.

Unlocking Clinician Resilience

Learn how to overcome the physician burnout epidemic and build a healthcare community wired for resilience, retention, and better patient outcomes.

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Improve Clinician Wellness with 24/7 Data and Personalized Insights

When it comes to creating lasting behavioral change, clinicians require data to gain insight into their individual stressors and challenges. Healthcare organizations can better protect clinicians’ overall wellness by giving them the tools they need to see the impact of their behaviors on sleep and recovery. With WHOOP Unite, physicians and nurses can leverage data to understand how their habits impact their well-being and then adjust their behaviors accordingly. WHOOP Unite administrators will have access to actionable insights at an organizational level while maintaining individual clinician privacy. 

Track sleep habits and behaviors like: 

  • Working a night shift or on call
  • Emotional or physical state after long shifts
  • Nightly sleep patterns
  • Reproductive health 
  • Bedtime routine 
  • Hydration
  • Medication 
  • Nutrition choices
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WHOOP Unite supports behavioral changes with:

  • Personalized insights and coaching to help physicians and nurses achieve goals and show the impact of positive behaviors on overall wellness. 
  • Daily insights and a weekly performance report to track progress.
  • Sleep coaching to improve sleep quality, duration, and consistency.

The results speak for themselves.

WHOOP users have seen:

Trusted by healthcare providers worldwide.

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Josh Hargraves, MD, FACEP
Regional President at ApolloMD

“We realized the insights from other wellness solutions weren’t quite as detailed or robust as those from WHOOP Unite. Some of them only focused on sleep, for example, and didn’t consider other factors.”


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