Unlocking Clinician Resilience

Prioritizing Mental Wellness & Curbing Burnout ebook

COVID-19 pushed already overworked and at-risk providers to their limits. In the wake of the pandemic, a survey of 1,119 healthcare workers found 93% of workers reported stress, 86% reported anxiety, 77% reported frustration, and 76% reported exhaustion and burnout.

Not only is this bad for these individuals, it’s bad for healthcare as a whole. When clinicians aren’t operating at their best, patients don’t receive optimal care, accidents and errors increase, and productivity and patient engagement decrease.

Download the ebook to learn:

  • What forces are driving the clinician burnout epidemic
  • How healthcare leaders can empower providers to prioritize their health to operate at their peak
  • The role technology, data, insights, education, and coaching play in promoting positive behavioral change 
  • How to build a healthcare community wired for resilience, retention, and better patient outcomes
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