Re-imagine Workplace Health and Performance

A more prepared workforce, both mentally and physically, is a competitive advantage. Teams that optimize recovery optimize resilience.

Elevate well-being for all teams and people

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Empower your people by giving them the tools and insight needed to improve their health.
Whoop for business teams
Motivate teams by creating a culture of resilience and support.
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Human Resources
Foster a culture of holistic wellness that attracts, retains, and supports top talent.

Solving the Corporate Burnout Epidemic

Learn how to overcome the burnout epidemic and build a culture wired for resilience, retention, and success.

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Benefits for Business

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Increase Well-Being
Provide data-driven wellness coaching to your people as part of a program of recovery and resilience.
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Reduce Burnout
Enable employees to better manage stress and function at a higher level.
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Transform Culture
Create a culture of support, manager-to-employee and peer-to-peer.

WHOOP Unite Capabilities

WHOOP Unite provides actionable insights for administrators with a view of aggregate organizational health and well-being drawn from underlying biometric data.

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Clinical-Grade Accuracy

Employees track resting heart rate, heart rate variability, calories burned, sleep staging, and more with clinical-grade accuracy.

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Data for Better Decision-Making

A mere 45 minutes of sleep debt accrued translates into a 5–10% decrease in mental control. Sleep tracking and personalized coaching features enable people to sleep better, positioning teams for success. 

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Tailored Insights

WHOOP Unite provides teams with personalized coaching and recommendations to improve recovery throughout the organization. Journaling features combine with data-driven insights to help organizations set goals, create challenges, and establish benchmarks leading to sustainable gains.

What business leaders are saying about WHOOP Unite and workplace health.

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David Deram
CEO, Greenlight Guru

“The next generation of successful companies invest in their people. Our growth turbocharged when people started taking care of themselves. WHOOP is now a part of our DNA at Greenlight Guru.”
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Dr. Jemma King
Director of BPA, Research Fellow University of Queensland

“If companies want the best out of their employees, then they need to encourage and support employees to achieve work/life balance because it’s cognitively restorative and can be a competitive advantage.”
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Jens Koerner
VP Technical Product Management, Hitachi Vantara

One big focus for us was the health of the whole person. WHOOP is a good partner because it’s not just a fitness tracker - it’s about recovery, health, really becoming a better version of yourself. There are so many components to leading a healthy and good life, and that's what we're trying to achieve at Hitachi Vantara.
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David Wantman

“We love that WHOOP Unite is built to serve all associates, not just fitness enthusiasts. From improving sleep to helping employees to monitor for early signs of illness, WHOOP delivers value.”
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Jaclyn Calovine
Director of Talent Operations, WHOOP

"WHOOP Unite has been so helpful in solving business critical issues that have taken up time and resources across the organization. We're now able to better track, maintain, and monitor WHOOP membership for employees and +1s in a way that saves time and money. This is a HUGE productivity gain for the company at-large!"

Hitachi Vantara's Experience with WHOOP Unite

Business Customer Testimonial

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Education and Inspiration

Energy Lab Team Photo
Measurable Impact at a Big Four Accounting Firm
With support from WHOOP, Energy Lab launched a program to improve performance, reduce burnout, and minimize the risk of injury, illness, and accidents among a select group of participants.
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Greenlight Guru Chooses WHOOP
Medical sector software company maximizes potential by prioritizing the rest and recovery of its people.
Monitor stress at work
Corporate Wellness Programs Are Not Enough
The "Great Resignation" makes us think differently about helping employees show up to their jobs engaged and motivated.
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What is Psychological Safety?
High-performing teams have one thing in common: psychological safety. Learn what it is and what can impact your team's ability to perform.

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