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Case Study

WHOOP Unite Team

WHOOP before WHOOP Unite™

Typically, organization-wide wellness programs that implement biometric tracking devices are difficult to administer.

Before WHOOP Unite was developed, HR had to manually track how the devices were dispersed to employees and how they were utilized. Coordinating the program required several administrators and many hours per week to maintain the program.

Stephanie Walsh, senior manager of office experience, said: “It was a significant effort to manage an inventory of hundreds of sensors and to ensure we had enough on hand as hiring ramped up.”

WHOOP Unite Team Celebrating

Serving a Company of 700 Employees

WHOOP Unite gives organizations a scalable way to deploy and manage their employee well-being programs. Individuals need tailored coaching and guidance to improve their health and performance. And leaders need tools, insights, and data-driven recommendations to make better decisions to achieve organizational goals. WHOOP Unite serves both employees and leadership.

But before we released WHOOP Unite into the world, we tested the platform on ourselves.

Another unique benefit for WHOOP employees is the +1 program, giving every employee a second WHOOP subscription to give to a friend or family member, which means that the HR team could potentially be managing a program for more than just 700 employees.

Stephanie Walsh
Senior Manager of Office Experience

“We can now deliver a premium, professional experience for new employees and their friends and family. It’s a fun way to interact with the company for the first time.”

A Vastly Improved Experience for HR and Employees

WHOOP became WHOOP Unite’s alpha customer, our first user. The process consisted of a 30-minute onboarding call with their dedicated WHOOP Unite customer success manager. After that, WHOOP Unite took care of the rest, including setup and adding users, managers, and teams.

WHOOP Unite is fully customizable to accomplish each organizations goals. WHOOP wanted to emphasize sleep and its importance to health and readiness, so it used WHOOP Unite to create “The Sleep Bonus,” offering $100 each month to employees that meet a certain sleep threshold. The program is opt-in, and employee data is never accessed other than to determine bonus eligibility. It’s one of the most popular wellness incentives at WHOOP.

Jaclyn Calovine
Director of Talent Operations

“WHOOP Unite has been so helpful in solving business-critical issues that have taken up time and resources across the organization. Now, onboarding and offboarding are as easy as the click of a button. This is a HUGE productivity gain for the company at large.”

The HR department was — and is — thrilled with WHOOP Unite. They’re now able to deliver a holistic employee health and wellness program in just a few minutes per week.

The new workflow typically consists of logging in on Monday, adding or removing users, and ensuring recently issued devices have been activated. WHOOP Unite automatically ships devices and sends activation emails to new users. Calovine added, “The amount of time it takes to administer WHOOP Unite is minuscule, especially compared to the value it brings to people’s lives.”

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