WHOOP® Launches WHOOP Unite™

An Industry-Leading Health and Performance Solution for Organizations

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WHOOP Unite™ works with more than 200 customers in business, healthcare, higher education & athletics, and public service to deliver comprehensive insights and coaching across sleep, stress, and recovery.

(BOSTON) June 2, 2022 - WHOOP, the human performance company, today announced the launch of WHOOP Unite, a pioneering solution that empowers organizations to elevate the health and resilience of their people. Unlike traditional applications and incentives that put the onus of improving mental and physical wellness squarely on individuals, WHOOP Unite is purpose-built for organizations. The platform equips leaders with tools, insights, and tailored recommendations to make policy and habit changes based on the aggregated data of individual end users. 

“WHOOP Unite will transform organizational performance, patient care, and research,” said Will Ahmed, Founder and CEO of WHOOP. “We have always aspired to help organizations empower people with coaching and data to achieve their best performance. Our new dedicated enterprise solution realizes that vision and represents a new chapter in our company’s growth.”

The WHOOP Unite solution combines administrative controls with organizational analytics, reporting, and coaching, supported by a scalable platform and customer success program. Leaders who use WHOOP Unite unlock a deeper understanding of key trends across sleep, stress, and recovery while acting on new insights to better support employees, service members, patients, student athletes, and more. End users receive WHOOP 4.0, a digital health coach that provides personalized, actionable feedback to help people achieve their goals.  

Enabling Customer Success

At launch, WHOOP Unite is working with more than 200 customers in business, healthcare, higher education & athletics, and public service, including Hitachi Vantara, the U.S. National Forest Service, the National Health Service, and Boston College.

At Hitachi Vantara, a select group of employees are using the technology and taking part in the company’s first sleep challenge. This opt-in program, in conjunction with coaching provided by the company and the WHOOP Unite customer success team, will help Hitachi Vantara employees develop sustainable health habits, laying the foundation for further improvements and scale of their health and wellness initiatives.

“Employers have a responsibility to take care of their people, and we take that to heart,” said Jens Koerner, VP, Technical Product Management at Hitachi Vantara. “We invested in WHOOP Unite to drive improved health and resilience so our people can show up at their best.”

The WHOOP Unite customer success team works in partnership with organizations’ leadership to develop health programs that identify goals, drive adoption, and improve outcomes. The solution is backed by a secure platform with a powerful API, allowing customers to integrate with engagement systems they are already using. Individual data is not accessible at the administrator level without consent, and individuals may also choose to opt out of the WHOOP Unite programs at their organization.

Measuring Impact & Improving Performance

WHOOP is proud to partner with researchers at organizations like the U.S. Army, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, and Penn State University, who are studying the impact of sleep and stress across diverse populations, industries, and disciplines. This groundbreaking work has explored issues ranging from soldier resiliency and improving mental health to predicting burnout in resident physicians.

A recent study* at the McKinsey Executive Leadership Program in Australia using WHOOP wearable technology demonstrated the relationship between sleep debt and cognitive function, showing that for every 45 minutes of sleep debt accrued individuals experienced a 5-10% decrease in mental control the next day. Follow-on work highlighted that greater sleep debt is also linked to teams reporting lower levels of psychological safety.

Investing in Enterprise

WHOOP is committed to helping organizations support the health and resilience of their people, enabling positive outcomes at all levels with its comprehensive WHOOP Unite solution and scalable platform. Since January of 2021, WHOOP has hired several SaaS industry leaders including Mark McLaughlin, Chief Business Officer, and key leaders in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success. In August 2021, WHOOP raised $200 million in a Series F funding round at a $3.6 billion valuation and has continued to invest in the growth and support of its B2B business. Enterprise headcount is on pace to double in the 2022 calendar year. 


* "Investigating the impact of stress, sleep, and HRV on executive function and leadership performance" conducted by Nadia Fox - PhD candidate University of Queensland, Professor Amy Edmondson - Harvard University, Kristen Holmes - PhD candidate at University of Queensland and WHOOP VP of Performance Science, Dr. Elise Kalokerinos - University of Melbourne, Dr. Jemma King - University of Queensland (BPA), and Professor Bill von Hippel -  University of Queensland.
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