How Mindfulness Made Mark Divine an Elite Warrior

Mark Divine, Former Navy SEAL Commander, Author, Entrepreneur

Former Navy SEAL Commander, author and entrepreneur Mark Divine speaks with Will Ahmed, CEO of WHOOP to record podcast episode 59.

Mark spent 20 years in the Navy in both active duty and reserve roles before retiring with the rank of Commander in 2011. His path to becoming a SEAL was as unique as it gets–Mark started out as a CPA in New York City before finding his calling as the No. 1 graduate in his SEAL training class. He is also passionate about helping veterans with PTSD and has founded an organization for those struggling with the invisible wounds of war and military service.

Mark discusses how he discovered meditation and zen in his early-20’s, and how those tools allowed him to excel in SEAL training. We also explore what SEAL training is really like, as well as how WHOOP has helped him overcome his skepticism about wearables. 

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