Podcast 131: Understanding Stress and How it Affects Sleep Performance & Cognitive Functioning

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This week’s episode is a deep dive on stress, including the results of a study on how sleep performance impacts your cognitive functioning.

WHOOP and McKinsey’s Executive Leadership Program in Australia recently partnered to investigate the relationship between sleep and executive function in the workplace, and what we found was really remarkable.

For every 45 minutes of sleep debt a person accrued, they had a 5-10% decrease in mental control the following day. Conversely, for every 30 minutes of slow wave sleep gained, that person saw a 5-10% increase in mental control the next day.

Dr. Jemma King and Nadia Fox helped lead this groundbreaking research. They sit down with our Vice President of Performance Kristen Holmes to break down everything you need to know about stress and how it affects your sleep, your memory, and your physiology. They also discuss how our brains react to stress, proper breathing and how it can calm your body down, and how light exposure at night affects your sleep.

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