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Greenlight Guru nurtures high performing teams.

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“The next generation of successful companies invest in their people.”

Greenlight Guru Nurtures High-Performing Teams

As a company that specializes in software that enables medical device companies to be more successful, Greenlight Guru is keenly aware of the value of a healthy lifestyle.

But for an organization that intends to nearly triple its headcount in just under two years, it can be difficult to slow down, rest, and prioritize health. CEO David DeRam knew that rest and recovery would be essential for his employees to face each day with a sound mind and body—and maximize the potential of the company at large.

That’s why Greenlight Guru embraced WHOOP—building a superteam that achieves more when they are physically and mentally strong.

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Investing in Employee Health

Physical and mental fitness are the bedrock of high-performing workplaces. Yet all too often, employees feel overworked and under-rested—and eventually burnt.

DeRam is a firm believer that “Culture is everything.” He sought to unlock the full potential of his rapidly-scaling team, while also maintaining the company’s collegial, close-knit culture.

Greenlight Guru debuted its WHOOP program, introducing a critical lever for driving employee health without compromise.

“Companies are made up of people and those people are everything. If the company culture isn’t positive, employees won’t perform at the highest level.”

Measuring Performance with Metrics

Greenlight Guru knew that for the new health program to work, it couldn’t rely on guesswork. It needed to be objective and precise, with metrics that would include exercise, stress levels, and sleep.

The company partnered with WHOOP to begin measuring how employee well-being stacked up against performance—without compromising employee privacy or accessing any personal data. By understanding—at a macro level—the team’s sleep, strain, and recovery levels, leadership could leverage valuable insights to identify what employees needed to reach their full potential.

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Driving Cultural Change

Armed with this information, Greenlight Guru could begin making meaningful behavioral changes—and gain a true competitive edge.

The company introduced competitive sleep and strain challenges, incentivizing employees with meaningful rewards. Hardworking professionals were encouraged to work less and sleep more, make time for exercise, and return to work refreshed and ready to collaborate.

“WHOOP is an investment in culture, human resources, and above all—people. That’s the future of business.”
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The Transformative Impact

The results were clear and immediate. WHOOP improved motivation, focus, and positivity. In the first few weeks, the company’s wellness score jumped nearly 10%, a significant improvement for what was perennially the lowest score across Greenlight Guru’s employee engagement scorecard.

And the company’s Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) holds at a soaring 77, meaning a majority of employees are highly satisfied and likely to recommend their organization as a great place to work. By comparison, companies in Greenlight Guru’s peer group typically see an eNPS of just 26.

“Once we introduced WHOOP, people started sleeping more. Our growth turbocharged when people started taking care of themselves. WHOOP is now part of our DNA at Greenlight Guru.”
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Fueling Growth with Healthy Employees

For any rapidly-evolving, growth-oriented organization fueled by people wired for success, it can be difficult to know how to support employees, professionally and holistically.

Greenlight Guru credits its astronomical growth to a talented and motivated workforce—and the simple, powerful recognition that everyone is better at their jobs when they are at their healthiest.

Maintaining Lasting Impact

The company reports plenty of fringe benefits, too. Employees are more apt to stay put when they feel healthy, cared for, and close to their co-workers. For example, the winner of the company’s sleep contest reported feeling closer to her team than she has at any other company she’s worked for—despite the fact that she’s never even seen most of her colleagues in person.

All in all, WHOOP has been a key driver for Greenlight Guru’s success—and a model for how organizations can transform their cultures, without compromising growth.

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