Energy Lab Uses WHOOP to Measure Well-Being at a Big Four Accounting Firm

Customer Case Study

Aline Fobe
Corporate Wellbeing Consultant at Energy Lab and former international field hockey player for Belgium

“Performance is creating a high well-being culture where people are both thriving and happy in their work, and in the way that they feel. It’s waking up in the morning with the right amount of energy to do the things they like to do, work-related or not.”

Energy Lab, a Belgium-based corporate well-being company, dedicates itself to helping companies develop integrated and sustainable health initiatives that breed dedicated and motivated employees. Energy Lab knows that the key to a high-performing business is a healthy, strong, and happy workforce.

With support from WHOOP, Energy Lab launched the 100-day Master Your Energy program to improve performance, reduce burnout, and minimize the risk of injury, illness and accidents among a select group of participants at a Big Four accounting firm. This first-of-its kind corporate program was spearheaded by Aline Fobe, one of the organization’s corporate wellbeing consultants.

Building Awareness Around Employee Wellness 

“The program is really about mastering your energy. It’s about mastering your physical, mental, and emotional energy and how to find balances to keep your energy levels high at all times.” —Aline Fobe

While mental and physical health are the bedrock of high-performing, sustainable workplaces, employees often feel overworked and underrested—leading to burnout. Energy Lab’s Master Your Energy program aimed to address three main concerns of today’s organizations: rising stress levels, reduced productivity, and lowered engagement. The program sought to help its participants thrive both at home and in the workplace. This meant increased awareness around physical, mental, and emotional well-being. In partnership with WHOOP, Master Your Energy guided participants in the program toward improved self-care—enabling them to implement meaningful behavioral changes in their professional roles, interact better within their teams, and prioritize their wellbeing at home.

Using Health Metrics to Measure Performance

Energy Lab knew that in order for Master Your Energy to make a tangible and sustainable impact, the program couldn’t rely on guesswork. Instead, coordinators needed to introduce a precise way to measure boosts in physical, mental, and emotional energy so that they could accurately measure participants’ well-being and the success of the program at large.

At the start of the 100 days, each participant was given a WHOOP device that allowed them to measure their exercise, stress levels, sleep, and more, giving them new insights into their body’s overall health. This includes metrics like resting heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), respiratory rate, and more. Through surveys and WHOOP journal entries that tracked their nutrition, hydration, stress levels, and daily emotions, program participants were able to reflect on how their emotional states tie into their physiological responses. Equipped with this knowledge, participants could then begin implementing changes to their personal and professional lives.

Master Your Energy Program Participant

“It’s very tangible. It gives you facts and figures and it’s very easy to set goals and work towards them.”
Energy Lab Employees holding up cards wearing WHOOP

Turning Energy Drains into Energy Gains

To complement insights from WHOOP, Energy Lab brought in experts to introduce simple and straightforward rituals surrounding sleep, nutrition, and fitness. By leveraging highly personalized WHOOP data, participants could begin implementing new behaviors to their lives based on their individual needs. 

The program emphasized personal growth and development, so that participants could come to work feeling healthy, rested, and prepared to perform. Instead of cultivating a culture of comparison, the program emphasized community. Participants were encouraged to discuss emotional well-being, while staying focused on their own unique behaviors and how they impact their performance.

One program participant, Stefanie, appreciated that the program was applicable to any lifestyle and that insights from WHOOP were easy to understand and address. “With the nutrition, sleep, and workouts, the program was realistic and everyone could adapt it to fit their preferences,” she said. “It was basic, just as WHOOP’s data was. That’s really attractive.”

Transforming Participants’ Mental, Emotional, and Physical Health

At the conclusion of the study, participants called the program “life-changing,” citing “great progress in sleep” and reporting feeling “so much better.” They rated the program an 8/10 overall and an 8.33/10 in likelihood to recommend. 

Insights over the 100 days found that the program participants experienced longer sleep durations, better restorative sleep, and a decrease in sleep debt. In fact, the second 50 days of the program showed a 4% improvement in sleep performance from the first 50 days. Overall, participants in the program were coming into work on Mondays highly recovered. 

Master Your Energy Program Participant

“I think mastering your energy means sleeping enough so that you wake up filled with energy. It means doing daily exercise. And, of course, eating well, because if you fuel your body enough, you will have the energy to keep going day in and day out”

Successfully Measuring Program Success and Fostering Growth

By providing participants and corporate leaders with data-driven, organizational insights, Energy Lab was able to measure and analyze the results of the Master Your Energy corporate coaching program.

Not only did this elevate health and wellbeing among the participants, but it positively impacted the program’s scale and growth. As a result of Master Your Energy’s success, Energy Lab has set plans in motion for 5 new programs using WHOOP at some of the world’s top consulting and professional services firms.

Maintaining a Lasting Impact

Energy Lab is expanding "Master Your Energy" within this Big Four accounting firm to reach even more participants, with 450 people over the next year. By building the program in size and duration, Energy Lab opens the door for more people to measure their energy levels and discover data-based, sustainable ways to become the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves.

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